Infor CRM Integration

InboxGuru is based on the premise of offering Infor CRM users a native email marketing and marketing automation solution that installs in minutes, is easy to learn and provides all the core benefits of a 3rd party marketing  solution right inside of the Infor CRM app.

Benefits of our integration include:

  • Fast installation – natively built to work  inside of Infor CRM
  • Fully leverages the Infor CRM database for email lists and form fields
  • No need for marketing to work in a disconnected, 3rd party  email tool
  • All marketing activity pushed to contact and lead  records
  • Sales has more information about prospect engagement prior to follow up

Infor CRM Version Support

InboxGuru supports both web and LAN based deployments including the following versions:

  • 7.5.4
  • 8.1
  • 8.2
  • 8.3