Sales Engagement Solution

Two terms commonly used today are sales enablement and sales engagement. Sales enablement is the process companies follow to ensure their sales teams are 100% enabled by the company to succeed.  This encompasses training, systems and process.  Sales engagement on the other hand is more focused on improving how sales professionals are communicating with customers by having the most effective content available for the sales situation and giving sales and marketing leaders visibility into what is working and what is not.

What is Sales Engagement?

As a software solution, think of sales engagement as nurture-based selling.  The process of connecting with and moving prospects through early stage funnels is scripted as a workflow but instead of marketing sending a sequence of emails, sales is engaging in a sequence of calls, emails and tasks designed  to optimize their engagement with a prospect.

InboxGuru has launched its complete sales engagement solution based on its visual workflow solution for drip and nurture marketing.

Key Features InboxGuru Sales Engagement

  • Visual Sales Communication Workflow Designer
  • Designer based on Drip, Nurture and Survey modules making it easy to learn
  • Connected to Infor CRM dynamic groups
  • Workflow sets and tracks sales tasks, calls, sales emails
  • Sales Pilot view organizes and optimizes sales person activity
  • Build uniform or common sales workflows for each team member
  • Auto-enroll new sales leads and lists into pre-set engagement workflows