Marketing Automation for Infor CRM by InboxGuru is a powerful solution that combines email marketing, nurture marketing, forms, website visitor tracking and marketing and sales alignment workflow.  The overall benefit of marketing automation software is dramatic improvements in marketing campaign performance due to the inherent ability to better target and message prospects based on behavioral and demographic (CRM) data.  Automated campaigns (Nurture Marketing) allow marketing teams of any size to plan and create highly valuable, multi-step email communications based on branching logic.

Inbox Guru is the first marketing automation solution built exclusively for Infor CRM and is completely unique in the marketing technology industry in that it embeds itself 100% inside of Infor CRM and provides a true and complete set of marketing tools in a single interface.

The Marketing Automation for Infor CRM solution by Inbox Guru is a full featured suite of tools built for marketing teams whose companies are actively using Infor CRM.

The core functionality off the solution includes:

  • Email Marketing – Bulk, Drip, Trigger
  • Nurture Marketing Programs
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Web forms for lead capture
  • Multi-page surveys
  • Sales enablement campaigns
  • Advanced marketing analytics
  • Marketing asset tracking, publishing and  distribution
  • Social media publishing
  • Fully integrated to Infor CRM

The  marketing  automation for Infor CRM solution from InboxGuru is vastly different than  any other marketing software that “integrates” to Infor CRM.  There is no external database sync required and  the InboxGuru solution leverages the entire Infor CRM database for creating email marketing lists and enrolling leads and contacts into multi-step, automated nurture programs.

The screenshot below depicts a typical InboxGuru nurture program that is triggered by an Infor Dynamic List and as leads and/or contacts move through the campaign, the system may trigger a downstream marketing (email) or sales (call) action.  Sales actions are added to the assigned sales person’s task  list and become an integrated step in a multi-channel lead generation campaign.

Advanced Nurture Marketing Designer